Privacy Policy

The Lord Kitchener Memorial Holiday Centre (LKMHC) provides half board or bed & breakfast holiday accommodation to ex-armed forces service personnel and ex-members of the emergency services in the ten en suite twin bedded rooms at their premises at 10 Kirkley Cliff Lowestoft and is a registered charity no. 230090.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines the way that we handle the personal data of our guests or potential guests, our employees, our management team, benefactors and supporters.

Our guests comprise ex-members of the armed forces and ex-members of the emergency services. Our employees comprise the resident manager and his wife and their seasonal staff. The management team includes the trustees and the management committee. Benefactors are those individuals who have made charitable contributions to the Centre in money or money’s worth. Supporters are those who, from time to time, assist in the running of the Centre in a variety of ways without payment. We do not sell any of this data to third parties and we only disclose it to a third party when we have a statutory obligation to do so.

Guests: we need the personal data of our guests and potential guests in order to fulfil the contract that we have with them to reserve or to provide them with the accommodation specified or which we have offered. This data will be retained until after this years contract has been fulfilled and may be retained for a further year to provide updated information about next years offers and opportunities. After this period if the guest does not rebook the data will be destroyed. Employees: we record the personal data of our employees so that we can maintain records of earnings, income tax, national insurance, pension contributions etc. that are a statutory requirement as employers. These records will be retained for the statutory period required after employment ends, after which it will be destroyed.

Management: we record the personal data of the trustees and management committee so that contact can be maintained within the groups to assist with management. This data may be supplied to the charity commission to maintain their records of the management personnel but will be deleted when anyone ceases to act on behalf of the Centre in that capacity.

Benefactors: we record the personal data of those individuals who have donated in cash or kind for the benefit of the charity and depending on permission being given by the benefactor will retain it indefinitely by publication in the annual report and/or adding it to a benefactors board in the Centre.

Supporters: we record the personal data of our voluntary supporters who have assisted us in the past and/or who have expressed a wish to be kept informed of the activities of the Centre. In all cases personal data will be securely stored on the premises and will only be accessed by the manager and the management team including the trustees.

Any manual records are kept under lock and key and any electronic records can only be accessed by a password. Any person involved with the Centre has the right to ask for details of any data we hold about them which we will supply within 14 days. We constantly monitor our privacy policy. It will be published on our website and it will be amended without prior notice to ensure that we comply with GDPR. Corrected to 28/11/2018